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High quality cosmetic products ; 99% natural ingredients. No traces of pesticides or herbicides are present in the plant raw materials used; oils are preferably extracted by pressing at low temperature, to avoid contamination by solvents and to preserve high concentrations of vitamins and other degradable substances.

plant properties

Arnica flowers and roots cause sneezing.
When applied locally, arnica can help healing of traumatic lesions , e.g. bruises.
Bilberry is rich of vitamin C protecting blood vessels .
Greek name : ARCTIUM (bear), being hairy like a bear.
Properties: antibacterial, against the pimples and impure skin (fat secretion and acne)
from the Latin CALENDAE, the first day of the month, because the plant blooms once in a month all the year long. Its flowers bloom when the sun shines and turn towards it. Healing burns, wounds; natural anti-inflammatory and decongesting action.
"Small apple" in greek due to its perfume, similar to a rennet. Properties: antiflogistic, antihistaminic and general antiinflammatory action.
Properties : vasoconstrictor in the case of capillary dilatation (couperose) or varicose veins.
Properties : Balsamic, antiparasitic and bacteriostatic action.
This seaweed acts on cellulitis, reducing fat thanks to its activity on cellular metabolism.
HAMMAMELIS (Which hazel)
Astringent on dilated pores and vasoconstrictor(for varicose veins).
Hawthorn fruits have a slight odour similar to bitter almonds.
Properties : high content of C vitamin and sugars makes easier the healing of cuts or small wounds.
Due to its antibacterial action it is used to preserve beer. In the plant are present estrogenic substances that have stimulated the popular belief concerning the increase of the breast due to beer consumption.
HORSETAIL ( Equisetum )
Named HORSETAIL due to its appearance.
Thanks to its haemostatic action this herb improves the healing of small wounds.
Blood-vessel protective activity. Remedy for varicose veins and phlebitis.
HYPERICUM(St. John's wort)
Name due to the image apparently portraied on the petals (in Greek: image-over).
Suggested as natural herbal remedy for sciatica, burns, traumas. Antinflammatory action.
utilized in the past to heal impetigo and other skin deseases.
Properties : very effective as disinfectant and protecting inflamed mucous membranes.
Effective in curing neuritides, neuralgias and in many  rheumatic manifestations (sciatica, cervical, etc.). Diuretic activity.
rich of  hydrating and decongesting substances. Its infusion is used for foot inflammations, too.
in greek " emollient plant". Mallow is well known since Roman age for the anti-inflammatory activity of its compresses; utilized also as a laxative.
Due to its root, the remedies have a typical pink colour.
Rhatany is utilized for preparing creams to relax wrinkles and for its action consolidating and epithelium regenerating.
The disinfectant action of this herb is utilized against acne manifestations.
Thyme means "fragrant plant . Thyme is a natural disinfectant and bacteriostatic.
"urticating" due to formic acid , an irritating liquid, emitted from its hair.
Properties: dandruff and hair fall control.


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